Use an Organic deodorant

Embracing natural beauty goes beyond creams, moisturizers, lotions and makeup—it encompasses anything we put in and on our bodies, including deodorants. Many of the popular drugstore brands contain aluminum and synthetic fragrances. Every day we slather these products under our arms, an area where many lymph nodes lie close to the surface of the skin.... Continue Reading →

Theory’s new 100% sustainable suits

Fashion is one of world’s most polluting industries. As Theory turns 20, founder Andrew Rosen announced his plan to develop workwear that is more Earth-friendly. Theory is launching “Good Wool”, its most sustainable collection to date. From the traceable wool, to the biodegradable lining, to the recycled buttons, everything about is made in the most... Continue Reading →

Veja, the French sustainable sneaker

Veja is a French brand of ecological and fair trade footwear and accessories. Veja’s model is founded on an ethical footing at every stage of the business: from sourcing and the production cycle, right through to packaging, distribution. The brand, which launched in 2004, has proudly used exclusively fair trade, organic, raw materials since day one. Veja sources... Continue Reading →

Choose a “Green” fragrance

Clean Reserve is a new luxury “green” fragrance collection. The founders are committed to erasing their footprint by producing an eco-positive product. They created fragrances made of artisanal sustainable ingredients and responsible packing and manufacturing. Packaging is made of recycled materials and its recyclable and inks are water-based and non-toxic. The plastic cellophane is corn... Continue Reading →

To fly or not to fly

If you’re flying, you’re adding a significant amount of planet-warming gases to the atmosphere — there’s no way around it. Take one round-trip flight between New York and California, and you’ve generated about 20% of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year. However, if avoiding flying is not always possible, there are... Continue Reading →

Help clean up the East River !

Please join United by Blue and the Lower East Side Ecology Center for a cleanup of the East River at East River Park on November 18, 2017 from 10am to 12pm. The East Side River coves collect litter that not only leaves an unsightly scene for park visitors, but also represents a danger for the marine... Continue Reading →

Give a new life to your old clothes

We all find ourselves with clothes that have gone out of style, no longer fit, or look like they’ve seen better days. But think twice before throwing your old clothes away. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that textiles make up approximately 5% of landfills. However, as much as 95% of clothes thrown away could... Continue Reading →

Guide to non-toxic manicures

Conventional nail polish can be one of the most toxic beauty products around, as many contain a host of harmful chemicals. Nail polish removers are equally problematic and the fumes are especially harmful. As a combination of both, conventional nail salons are incredibly toxic. Luckily there now are some non-toxic alternatives! Here is a guide to... Continue Reading →

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