Buy in bulk and store in glass jars

Packaging is a big generator of plastic. Reducing packaging waste keeps trash out of landfills and pollution out of the ocean. The more items you can buy in bulk, the more you'll save in packaging ! Bulk food shopping is faster, easier, cleaner and way less cluttering and wasteful than any other method. The point is to... Continue Reading →

Use reusable cotton rounds

A great way to reduce waste as part of skincare routine is to use reusable cotton rounds to eliminate disposable cotton rounds. They’re an easy reusable alternative to the wasteful rounds that you throw out one time after use.   According to the Organic Trade Association, cotton is the world's "dirtiest" crop, due to its abundant use of insecticides. Cotton is... Continue Reading →

Real v. plastic Christmas tree

As Christmas is approaching, you might be wondering what is the greener option for your Christmas tree. Here comes the traditional debate artificial trees versus real trees ! I started writing this article convinced that an artificial tree would be better for the environment because it could be reused time and time again. Well …... Continue Reading →

Theory’s new 100% sustainable suits

Fashion is one of world’s most polluting industries. As Theory turns 20, founder Andrew Rosen announced his plan to develop workwear that is more Earth-friendly. Theory is launching “Good Wool”, its most sustainable collection to date. From the traceable wool, to the biodegradable lining, to the recycled buttons, everything about is made in the most... Continue Reading →

To fly or not to fly

If you’re flying, you’re adding a significant amount of planet-warming gases to the atmosphere — there’s no way around it. Take one round-trip flight between New York and California, and you’ve generated about 20% of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year. However, if avoiding flying is not always possible, there are... Continue Reading →

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