Guide to a natural nighttime skincare routine

So little is actually known about the products that we routinely use on our faces everyday. Looking around your local cosmetic store or supermarket, there is a wide variety of different beauty products. But look a little closer at the ingredients list and the petrochemical derived additives like propylene glycol, cyclomethicone, petrolatum and methylparaben may not sound so appealing.

Not only is it bad for your skin, but it is also very polluting for the environment. What if there was a natural eco-friendly and organic alternative proven to have far more effective results with than the chemical-laden, brand name products?

Here is a little guide to help you change your nighttime skincare routine using natural and eco friendly products.

1- Use cold Pressed Avocado Oil as a make up remover


You can apply avocado oil to your face in the same way you would any other make up remover. Simply put a small amount on a cotton ball and wipe! You will see how easily your make up goes off.

An other benefit of using avocado oil as make up remover is that it is also good for moisturizing. So your skin is both cleaned and moisturized. No need to add a moisturizing cream in your routine

 2- Use coconut oil as a mascara remover


You will be surprise by how quickly it takes off eye makeup and by how easily it worked (no rubbing or tugging at delicate undereye skin)—and that goes for waterproof mascara, too.

Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, scoop out a little and rub it between your fingers to warm it up first. Smooth that over your skin with your fingers, then wipe it off with a dry cotton ball and it’ll take your makeup with it.

Coconut oil, like avocado oil, can also be used as a moisturizer.

3- Use Rose water as a skin toner


With hydrating and soothing abilities, as well as natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial powers, it’s the ultimate beauty powerhouse. After you have removed your makeup just spray some on your face before going to bed.

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