Use reusable cotton rounds

A great way to reduce waste as part of skincare routine is to use reusable cotton rounds to eliminate disposable cotton rounds. They’re an easy reusable alternative to the wasteful rounds that you throw out one time after use.

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According to the Organic Trade Association, cotton is the world’s “dirtiest” crop, due to its abundant use of insecticides. Cotton is also one of the most environmentally unfriendly farming industries as it requires a lot of water. So, if we can decrease our daily dependence on non-organic cotton — like those found in your average cotton ball or round — then we can do our part to help decrease the demand and directly impact the environment for the better.

Using them is really no different than using a cotton pad, tissue or cotton ball. Apply your choice cosmetic remover, or apply cleanser or toner, and then gently wipe across your skin. After use you can simply place them in a mini laundry bag and toss into the wash. Just don’t put them in the dryer or use any fabric softener on them or they’ll dry out and won’t last as long.

Of course, owning these rounds doesn’t mean you won’t ever buy another cotton ball. For one, they’re definitely not good for nail polish removal. But as far as removing makeup, applying toner, and reducing your carbon footprint, these eco-friendly rounds are the best option.

You can find organic reusable cotton rounds on Etsy.






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