Use an Organic deodorant

Embracing natural beauty goes beyond creams, moisturizers, lotions and makeup—it encompasses anything we put in and on our bodies, including deodorants.

Many of the popular drugstore brands contain aluminum and synthetic fragrances. Every day we slather these products under our arms, an area where many lymph nodes lie close to the surface of the skin. Because antiperspirants are applied often and on skin near breasts, some reports claim that the chemicals could be absorbed through your skin and cause estrogen-like hormonal effects. Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer have both been linked to aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants, and some might even contain infertility-causing toxic chemicals.

For all these reasons it is important to switch to a natural deodorant. Fortunately, as more information comes to light on these chemical ingredients, more companies are developing safer alternatives.

I highly recommend EO Organic deodorant spray. This is the one I use everyday and it’s amazing ! This certified organic deodorant is effective and contains no aluminum salts, propylene glycol or zinc salts that can clog pores and toxify the system. Lastly, it is packaged in a recycled bottle !




You can find it at Whole food or buy it online.

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