Give a new life to your old clothes

We all find ourselves with clothes that have gone out of style, no longer fit, or look like they’ve seen better days. But think twice before throwing your old clothes away. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that textiles make up approximately 5% of landfills. However, as much as 95% of clothes thrown away could have been re-worn or recycled.


By recycling your clothes, you help reduce the amount of natural resources needed to produce new garments and reduce landfills. Read on for ways in which you can give new life to your old clothes.


Donation box isolated on white

Perhaps the most popular route for disposing of old clothing is through donation to charities. It’s the perfect deal: you get rid of your unwanted clothing while helping others in need.

You can visit donateNYC to locate convenient places to give or find unwanted, gently used clothing, shoes, textiles, and other goods.

For business clothing, Dress for Success accepts donations of women’s suits, shoes, and briefcases, which are passed on to economically disadvantaged women entering the professional world.

Also, you can donate your wedding gown to Brides for a Cause, which collects and resells gowns and donates profits to women’s charities.  

Consign or sell


Clothes that are clean and in good condition but no longer fit or have been hanging untouched in your closet are prime candidates for consignment shops or resale.

Consignment shops display your old clothing and give you a pre-determined fraction of the profits (usually between 30% and 50%) once your items sell. It’s an easy way to recycle and may even earn you a few dollars. Other stores, like Buffalo Exchange will give you cash on the spot for in-season trends, instead of making you wait for it to sell. Anything they don’t buy they may offer to donate for you.

Here is a list of some of New York City’s Best Consignment and Resale Stores.

You can also simply sell your clothes online by using eBay or Shop Goodwill.



Brands like & Other Stories and H&M offer to recycle your clothes. Note that &Other Stories will offer you a 10% discount in return !

Other collectives will be happy to collect your old clothes and recycle them, such as Greemarket Clothing collection.


No matter which of these green options you choose, you’ll rest easy knowing that your clothing isn’t contributing to landfill waste !

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