What is compost and why is it important?

Compost is decomposed organic material, such as leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen waste. It provides many essential nutrients for plant growth and therefore is often used as fertilizer. Understanding how to make and use compost is important as the problem of waste disposal continues to grow. One third of what New Yorkers throw away is yard... Continue Reading →

Understanding Eggs Labels

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Free Range Eggs (And What to Do Instead) Knowing full well the inhumane and downright disgusting practices of factory farms, you probably pay close attention to labels when purchasing eggs from the grocery store: Labels like “Free Range” , “Organic” , “Hormone-Free” , “Antibiotic-Free”. Think these words somehow make your eggs more... Continue Reading →

McDonald’s is going green

Fast food giant McDonald's just announced that all its packaging worldwide will come from sustainable sources by 2025.  McDonald’s take action as they’ve worked on other sustainable solutions in the past. In 2012, the burger chain committed to remove deforestation from its beef supply chain and to bring in 85% of their beef from sustainable suppliers by... Continue Reading →

How to use essential oils for colds and flu relief

We all know the misery of a cold: fatigue, the chills, bodily aches and pains, headache, congestion, sneezing and coughing... Before you reach for over the counter, synthetic medicines with many side effects, why not try a natural remedy instead? Using essential oils for colds and flu relief is an effective, all-natural treatment and an excellent alternative... Continue Reading →

Buy in bulk and store in glass jars

Packaging is a big generator of plastic. Reducing packaging waste keeps trash out of landfills and pollution out of the ocean. The more items you can buy in bulk, the more you'll save in packaging ! Bulk food shopping is faster, easier, cleaner and way less cluttering and wasteful than any other method. The point is to... Continue Reading →

Use reusable cotton rounds

A great way to reduce waste as part of skincare routine is to use reusable cotton rounds to eliminate disposable cotton rounds. They’re an easy reusable alternative to the wasteful rounds that you throw out one time after use.   According to the Organic Trade Association, cotton is the world's "dirtiest" crop, due to its abundant use of insecticides. Cotton is... Continue Reading →

The “Meat tax” debate

Taxing items that are seen as unhealthy or damaging to the environment is a common way for governments to raise money. Taxes already exist for tobacco, carbon emissions, and sugar. Meat might be the next target for governments wanting to get serious about climate change. Global meat production is responsible for 15% of all global... Continue Reading →

Should we stop eating meat ?

Animal cruelty, antibiotics feeding, environmental impact, mass production… so many reasons to start asking yourself if maybe you should actually stop eating meat. Factory farming has become pretty much unconscionable on several levels. First, with regard to the animals. Animals on factory farms endure constant fear and torment – from the mutilation and the crowding... Continue Reading →

Real v. plastic Christmas tree

As Christmas is approaching, you might be wondering what is the greener option for your Christmas tree. Here comes the traditional debate artificial trees versus real trees ! I started writing this article convinced that an artificial tree would be better for the environment because it could be reused time and time again. Well …... Continue Reading →


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